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About Daynia

Neuroplasticity Specialist - Laughter Yoga Leader - Joy Instigator

Daynia is a Detective of Thriving, Flow State Creator and Joy Instigator. With a degree in Psychological Science, it is her life's mission to encourage people towards optimal thriving in life. By providing information and programs that are fun, accessible and informative, she bridges the divide between cutting edge neuroscientific breakthroughs and general public awareness. Having completed Norman Doidge's 'Neuroplastic Potential' training and Rick Hanson's 'Professional Course for Positive Plasticity' Daynia strives to maintain the most up to date knowledge in the field of human potential. 

Throughout life, Daynia has cultivated an interest in understanding human behaviour, building better relationships, and developing a healthy mind. Her experience performing music and theatre throughout Australia, Japan, and the USA has provided her with a unique insight into engaging audiences in the flow of creative energy, maintaining a healthy life balance, and understanding self-motivation. She is passionate about being a thought leader who is consciously engaged in "upskilling" humanity and inspiring people to enjoy a thriving life. 


Daynia’s life adventures really accelerated when, at age 12, her artist mother and actor father sold the family home in Melbourne, Australia and bought a tour bus. Imagine having the whole of Australia as your backyard?! Daynia traveled throughout Queensland, sponsored by the Queensland Arts Council, performing with her family in their lively musical comedy ‘Man from Snowy River with the Missus and Kids’. 

They were interviewed on Good Morning Australia and sponsored by Dick Smith to record and fly to the USA to perform in the Hollywood Bowl for ‘Year of the Family’. This incredible experience inspired Daynia and her two siblings to form their own band, OzStatic. They hired a drummer and toured Japan and America recording three CDs and winning ‘Best International Band’ at Hearon Music Awards in Las Vegas.


After touring and living in the USA for 15 years, Daynia returned home to live on the Gold Coast Australia and while raising two sons she completed a degree in Psychological Science through the Swinburne University of Technology. Now, to maintain a healthy life balance, she enjoys surfing, African Dancing, playing the ukulele and providing Laughter Yoga sessions for her community. Daynia's passion for encouraging people to experience more joy in life has inspired her to create a fun interactive seminar to ignite participants’ curiosity and awareness of their brain’s neuroplastic capabilities.


Catch one of her interactive Neuro Awareness sessions or Laughter Yoga and join in the fun!

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