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Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

Laughter Yoga enables laughter to flow more naturally in your life. Like a muscle, it becomes stronger the more you utilise it. A 45-minute/1hr session begins with a gentle fun warm up and some easy laughter ideas. You will feel the benefits while in a safe encouraging environment. I also include playful games, life skills and mindfulness techniques with guided relaxation. 


Laughter Yoga is suitable for all ages and levels of physical ability. It’s great for building resiliency, strengthening your immune system, creativity, imagination, and encouraging your playful side. 

Interactive Neuroplasticity seminar

In this engaging seminar, you’ll be encouraged to expand awareness of your mind, body and spirit connection. Drawing on my years of performing experience, neuro-scientific studies and leading relationship experts, I will take you on a fun, interactive journey to help you gain a broader understanding of your neuroplastic capabilities and discover new ways to thrive and welcome more love, joy and abundance in your life

One on One Coaching & Mentoring

Thinking of optimising your performance and mind, body relationship. Daynia provides One on One Coaching and mentoring services, we always start out with a surf board of course. We become what we think and if you need that one on one personal touch I am always ready to lend a helping hand. The ability to move and follow the flow of the water is what is important while surfing or tackling big life challenges. With my knowledge on breaking tough habits and motivation, no mountain is too high to conquer. 

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